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A Guide to Social Media Marketing: What it is, How to Do It, Complete Strategy

What is Social Media Marketing and Is it that effective?

The term social media marketing is self-explanatory. It refers to the use of social media to reach the target audience, build brand awareness, increase website traffic, improve sales, and boost revenue. Social media marketing strategy includes sharing images, videos, reviews, and others and posting content through social media profiles like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to reach potential customers and drive web traffic.

Research data shows that internet users spend almost 3 hours on social media every day. This means you get three hours to reach your potential customers. Social media promotion is very effective because it helps you to connect and interact with your customers. In the digital world, data rules the world. It allows businesses to set goals and make decisions. A social media marketing campaign strategy helps to extract data. Moreover, social media marketing strategies are a wonderful tool for word-by-mouth marketing.

How Social Media Marketing Works?

With more than 4 billion active users, social media has become a significant platform for businesses to market their products. You should know how social media marketing works if you want to connect with your customers effectively and boost your Ads and increase  sales. Your social media marketing plan should be well devised and targeted to be successful.

  •  Do intensive market research to know more about your target audience.
  • Formulate a social media marketing strategy based on your research.
  • Explore new opportunities for social media promotion of your products and services.
  • Make sure you deliver the best content.
  • Create a social media calendar using a content calendar template to schedule social media posts and ensure the in-time delivery of your content.
  • Measure and audit the performance of your social media marketing strategies.
  • Improvise your social media marketing plan on the basis of the performance audit, feedback, and reviews.

Social Media Marketing for businesses

It has transformed the way businesses influence customer behavior. Businesses can succeed in their Social Media Marketing when they create the right goals, understand the needs of their customers, deliver the best content, choose the right platforms, and stay committed. It is not as easy as it sounds. You need to get social marketing tips from a social media marketing strategist like Harish Kulkarni to make your campaign a success.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Sales, Leads, and Conversion 

If you push the right buttons social media can be a great platform for lead generation, closing sales, increasing return on investment, and converting visitors into customers.

  • Cost-effective 

Registration and maintenance of social media accounts are free. All you have to do is to create an impressive social media post design. You can do it easily with a social media post template. If you have no idea, a digital marketing strategist like Harish Kulkarni will deliver a unique social media post template.

  • Promoting products and services

As you get the attention of potential customers for 3 hours a day, you can target them to buy your products and services through your social media platforms.

  • Helps in branding 

The amount of exposure to your products increases sharply. Moreover, rightly made social media posts help to build royal fans. This in turn helps in branding.

  • Builds brand awareness

Social media marketing helps your brand to establish its presence quickly. When people see your logo frequently social media branding, personal branding and brand awareness are created.

  • Develops relationships

When your social media posts are interactive and when your customer service is good, it helps to develop a strong relationship with your customers. You can get immediate feedback and reviews. Your instant response also develops relationships.

  • Increases website traffic

When you link your social media accounts with your website, you are likely to get more traffic to your website. More traffic is very important for all digital businesses.

  • Helps to educate customers

Problem-solving social media posts, skill-teaching posts, and how-to-videos educate your customers and increase their loyalty.

  • Advertising and retargeting 

Social media management tools include ad retargeting tools. Retargeting and advertising help to track the visitors who have not made any purchases, and encourage and remind them to buy from you.

Five Core pillars of social media marketing

  • Strategy 

Social media marketing strategy is one of the core pillars. It should be well-planned based on your goals. A good strategy should decide 

  • How to produce valuable content 
  • How to drive engagement
  • How to increase conversions
  • Planning and posting 

Posting a blog or image or video is simple. All you have to do is to plan in advance before posting. Spontaneous posting will not yield the expected results. 

  • Boost engagement 

Boost engagement by keeping close track of the reviews, feedback, and discussions made on your posts. 

  • Advertising 

Advertising social media marketing is very powerful. It should be short, simple, interactive, and engaging to attract the target audience. 

  • Create the best content 
  • Engage the target audience
  • Track analytics

To know how your social media post worked and how many people it reached and other details you should use tracking and analytical tools. Social media marketing will not succeed unless you analyze it. 

The core pillars should be strong. So, you should consult an expert like Harish Kulkarni to build the Core pillars of social media marketing for your Brand.

Social media marketing tips

  • Know your audience
  • Create a strategy 
  • Run contests to keep the audience engaged and entertained
  • Try social media marketing trends like meta-ads, link retargeting, and others. 
  • Post consistently
  • Create interesting content as content marketing is one of the important keys. 
  • Go for live video streaming 
  • Use video marketing as a tool
  • Create mind-blowing memes and images. 
  • Keep connected with your audience
  • Use the right updated social media management tools
  • Track and analyze results

Ten steps to create a brilliant social media marketing strategy

  • Start with your objective

Make sure your social media activities are based on your goals. Social media goals include increasing engagement, website traffic, and brand awareness.

  • Understand your audience

Identify your target audience and understand their needs and problems. Answer their questions and solve their problems through social media posts. 

  • Select the right media platform

Select the right platform from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. Find which will suit your products and services.

  • Decide whom you are targeting 

Are you targeting the business audience or the consumers directly? If it is the consumers, what is their age group and gender, etc? Find answers to these questions.

  • Create engaging content and stunning designs and reels

Social media post design should be impressive. The content creation for social media should be the best and the reels should be creative. Content creation is as important as website content development.  

  • Have a social media calendar 

The social media content calendar will decide the date and time of posting. A content calendar is important to make sure your post doesn’t go unnoticed. You can use a content calendar template. 

  • Do a social media audit and competitor analysis

Use analytical tools like Facebook pixel, LinkedIn Insights, and Google Analytics to refine your posts and target your audience more strategically. 

  • Track performance and make changes as per audience engagement 

You have spent a lot of time and money on your social media marketing campaign. So, you must know the actual impact. Study the audience engagement and make changes accordingly. 

  • Consistency is key to success 

Posting consistently will ensure your target audience sees your post. Consistency is essential for brand awareness. 

  • Adapt, learn, and grow

Technology is changing rapidly. So, you have to adapt to the new technology in social media marketing, learn the new trends, and grow along with the growing technology. 

Are you reluctant to try social media marketing for your products and services? Are you doubtful about its success? I can understand your concerns about the heavy competition in social media marketing. Don’t worry. I can help you with social media marketing, generate more leads, and improve your search engine optimization ranking, social media branding, and give custom solutions to all your issues. As an expert consultant in social media marketing strategies and social media marketing management, I can help you to reach more people. 


Connect with me now to get top-quality social media marketing consultations. Let me help you to build trust and boost your brand awareness. 

FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Question on Social Media Marketing

How can one get started in social media marketing??

You should get started by determining your goals, understanding your audience, creating stunning content, creating a schedule, and focusing on quality.

What is social media advertising & How can I advertise on social media??

Social media advertising uses social media platforms to deliver paid ads. You can advertise through image ads, video ads, messenger ads, and stories ads.

What are the 6 types of social media marketing??

Social networks, media sharing, social news, bookmarking sales, micro blogging, and community blogs are the 6 types.

What is the main point of social media marketing??

The main point is to build brand awareness, increase sales, improve web traffic, and create more leads.

What is the main point of social media marketing??

The main point is to build brand awareness, increase sales, improve web traffic, and create more leads.

Why is social media marketing so powerful??

It is because people spend about three hours daily on social media. You can attract their attention easily.

How do I become a social media marketer??

Connect to Harish Kulkarni and have an one on one call. You can get the best guidance right from the basics to the advanced information.