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The Ultimate SEO Guide: How to Grow your Business with step by step SEO Strategy

What is a search engine and how does it work?

A search engine is an internet-based software that collects data available on the internet, categorizes it, ranks it, and helps users to find the required information. The best examples of search engines are Google and Bing. 

The search engine works in three stages.

  • Crawling – It uses bots to scan the web and creates a list of relevant websites. The bots visit all selected websites and study the structure, the time and date of creation and updating of the website, and the content by reading the HTML code. If the search engine has no access to your website your website will have no ranking and will not be visible. 
  • Indexing – In this process, the search engine categorizes the content based on keywords. Keywords are used to make sure the search engine understands your content. 
  • Ranking  – The websites are ranked on many factors like speed, keyword density, and links.

What is SEO copy writing? 

Copywriting for SEO optimization refers to the process of creating search engine-friendly content. It involves the weaving of keywords and the use of the right phrases that your target audience is likely to use while searching the internet. A good SEO consultant will help you with SEO copywriting and boost your search engine optimization ranking.

A Successful SEO Strategy Depends on These Foundations: The 4 Pillars of SEO

  1. Technical SEO 
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-page SEO and 
  4. Content 

1. Technical SEO: Optimizes and improves your site’s overall performance on search engine

What is technical SEO? It refers to the optimization of websites and servers to help the bots crawl and index your site. It makes sure the code of your website is clean and effective. Technical SEO can be a little difficult to understand and tough to master. Consulting an SEO expert Harish Kulkarni is a better option.

2. On-Page SEO: Helps in sending positive signals to search engines to help you rank higher

What is On-Page SEO? It refers to the optimization of webpages to make them rank better on search engines to get more traffic. On-Page SEO includes title tags, on-page content, internal links, meta descriptions, and everything else you do on the page that improve your ranking. You can do it yourself but you have to spend a lot of time to understand and implement it. An on page SEO specialist will guide you better. 

3. Off-Page SEO: Add credibility, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority to your domain

Off page optimization includes all that you do outside the page to improve its SEO ranking. It includes backlinks, email marketing, reviews, video marketing, podcasts, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. The main objective of off page optimization is to improve the reputation of your site. There are many ways to do off page SEO including forum posting, guest content, local listings, social bookmarking, Classified submission, Article submission etc.

4. Content: The king of digital marketing

It is your content that tells the visitors what you do, how you do it, and why they should buy from you. Content is very important in search engine optimization and it is wise to consult a digital marketing strategist Harish Kulkarni to help you in creating the best content.

Why the best SEO strategy essential for any successful business?

SEO optimization is essential it makes your website visible, increases web traffic, and gives new opportunities to convert visitors into prospects, and prospects into buyers. Moreover, it plays an important role in building brand awareness, lead generation, and creating trustworthiness. SEO is inevitable in today’s digital world. Consult a top SEO specialist to know about SEO optimization strategies and grow your business.

Four tips for creating quality content

An SEO specialist will help you to create quality content. However, here are the four important tips.

  • Understand user intent

You should understand how the users will find your content and how they will use it. You should develop content after knowing how it will satisfy the goals of the user.

  • Develop a customer avatar

Customer avatar refers to customer profiles and marketing personas. They are crucial to create visuals, paid ads, and marketing campaigns.

  • Break up the text

Long text will not attract the attention of users because of the declining attention span. Add photos, charts, examples, funny images, diagrams, infographics, or others to break text.

  • Make it actionable

Your content should increase web traffic and conversions. It should produce the expected results. Hiring a professional SEO specialist will assure the best results.

Benefits of Search engine Optimization (SEO)

  • More traffic

The most important benefit is it brings in organic traffic and visibility without forcing your visitors. 

  • Cost-effective

It does not burn holes in your pockets like other marketing strategies. If done right you are assured of good ROI.

  • Boosted credibility and trustworthiness 

Any website that ranks higher is considered to be trustworthy. This in turn boosts the credibility of your business. 

  • Monitorable success

There are several tools like Google Analytics that help you to monitor and measure the performance and success of your strategies. This helps you to make the necessary changes in your campaign. 

  • Increase in brand awareness 

Customers never complete a purchase without conducting a lot of searches. An SEO marketer ensures your product appears in all searches. This increases your brand awareness and personal branding

  • Edge over competitors 

Your investment in SEO helps you to get more traffic than your competitors. When your website has quality content, looks better, and loads faster you are sure to get an edge over competitors. 

To enjoy the benefits of SEO, contact a good SEO consultant Like Harish Kulkarni

How to infuse keywords Step-by-step process of SEO

  1. Find keywords:

Keyword research is finding words and phrases related to your product or business. You can use tools for keyword searches or get the help of an SEO expert to find the right keywords.

2. Put keywords in the page title: 

Have you chosen your keywords? If so, you should put it in your page title. 

3. Put keywords in the page URL:

Crawlers or bots use your URL to determine your content. So, use the keywords in your URL and make it simple but descriptive.

4. Put keywords in your meta description:

Meta description plays an important role in explaining your page to users and search engines. Infuse your keyword in your meta description but it should be meaningful. 

5. Put keywords in your H1 text: 

Your H1 is visible to the search engines. So, you should add your keywords or phrase in the H1.

6. Use keywords in the page’s content: 

You should include the keywords in your content naturally. They shouldn’t appear forced. 

7. Build links to your website: 

Find authoritative sites related to your niche or industry. Build links from those sites to your website. 

8. Monitor your rank: 

Track the results and check your rank attained to see if your SEO efforts are actually working. You can use tools but if you hire an SEO marketer your burden of SEO will be lifted from your shoulders.

How to rank your website on the first page of Google?

Search engines are not humans. They are designed to crawl, index, and rank based on a few features. If you fail to take steps to improve your SEO ranking, you will pay the price. Are you new to SEO? Don’t worry. I, Harish Kulkarni, an SEO marketer. I will help you with SEO to make your online business successful. I can help you with the best strategies to reach your target audience and get a competitive advantage. My SEO strategies are advanced and updated and will do wonders for your ranking. 

Contact me to have a one-on-one call to discuss your problems and needs. Let’s find solutions and strategies together.

  1. Ensure your website is indexed:

You should index your website by submitting your XML sitemap to Google Search Console. Just click on the sitemaps under the Index section. Websites that are not indexed will not be considered for the ranking. 

2. Choose the right keywords to target: 

Keywords confirm the search engines that your content is about that particular topic. You can use keyword metrics to select the keywords. Using long-tailed keywords is a good option. 

3. Check your competitors:

Find the companies that are ahead of you in ranking and are on the first page. Use competitive keyword analysis to find the keywords your competitors are using. Use them in your content.

4. Make your on-page SEO perfect: 

Improving your on-page SEO is a quick way to take your website to the first page.

  • You should include the keywords in the title tag
  • Your content should be long
  • Make sure you include the keywords 2-3 times on the page. 

5. Create a page that supports search-internet:

It is not the websites but webpages that appear on the first page. So, create a page that will have a significant impact. It should be in the right format with the right keywords.

6. Include internal links and build quality backlinks:

Backlinks make your webpage authoritative as it shows that your content has all the essential information. To get backlinks contact similar websites and ask them to link to the content on your website. 

7. Aim for featured snippets:

Have you noticed short texts above the search results? They are snippets that help your webpage to land on the first page of Google. Using bulleted points and creating lists can help you to get a spot in featured snippets. 

8. Manage your meta tags well:

Meta tags help the users to know what the content is about. They convince the users to visit your website. To create the best meta tags, consult an SEO consultant. 

9. Optimize your page for mobile:

Most people browse the internet using their mobile phones. Hence, your webpage should be responsive to mobile searches. 

You have to follow some important strategies to take your website to the first page. You have to spend quality time and learn a lot. Why should you spend your precious time on this when you have SEO specialists to help you? 

FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Question on Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO service??

SEO service refers to services offered by a consultant or freelancer or company to optimize the SEO ranking of your website to bring in more traffic.

How can SEO help my business??

It helps to increase your credibility and trustworthiness. It also gives an advantage over the competitors and reaches more people.

What is keyword density??

It refers to the number of times a keyword appears on a content or article or webpage. It is denoted as a ratio to the overall word count.

How do I optimize content using keywords??

You should find the right keywords and add them to your web page in the title, meta tag, description, and content. Make sure the important content is indexed.

What are the 5 important Google ranking factors??

High-quality content, on-page optimization, internal links, external links, and loading speed are the 5 important factors because they play an important role in SEO ranking.

What are the pillars of SEO??

Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and content are the important pillars of SEO. They make you discoverable and make you authoritative in your industry.

How do I become a SEO Analyst??

Connect to Harish Kulkarni and have an one on one call. You can get the best guidance right from the basics to the advanced information.