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The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding And Strategy

I am sure you want everyone to know about you and your business. However, do you think you can meet everyone in your community or your business sector? It is practically impossible but it’s possible to express what you want others to know about you or your business through personal branding. 

Gone are the days when personal brand positioning was exclusively reserved for celebrities alone. Today, it is mandatory for everyone who wants to attain their goals. Don’t you have any idea about building a personal brand? Don’t worry. Just go ahead and read further to get answers to all your unanswered questions on personal branding.

It is time to steal the show. Let others know your specialty. Get high-paid jobs. Earn the trust of your customers. Create an impact with Personal Branding. Get the services of a brand strategist like Harish Kulkarni for the best brand positioning.

What is personal branding?

It refers to the process of creating a brand identity for an individual or a business. It is through the right brand marketing strategy the target audience comes to know about you or your company. It allows people to know who you are, what your abilities are, and why they should be above the competitors.

How to build a strong personal brand? These are a few steps to follow to create your personal brand. You can do them yourself but building a personal brand is easier and more effective if you get the help of a branding creator like Harish Kulkarni.

Who is personal branding for?

It is not for corporate businesses alone. Personal branding is for everyone. Every individual is unique and is gifted with some special talents. It is not enough if you unleash your hidden potential. You should let others know about it and it is done through personal branding. It is the key to the success of a person or a business. It is for everyone who wants to shine the brightest. You are ‘YOU”. You can’t be someone else and they can’t be YOU. You have an identity on your own and top branding experts will make sure the target audience comes to know about YOU and your identity.

Importance of personal branding and why it matters

In this modern digital era, you can’t survive the tough competition unless you make a strong impression and are noticed. However, it is not easy to attract the attention of others because the attention span is shrinking significantly. Research reports suggest that the attention span was 12 seconds in 2000 and it has gone down to 8 seconds in 2022. So, the best way to create a good impression is by creating a strong personal brand identity. To create a successful business or attain your personal goals, you must create a personal brand. Without personal branding, you can’t build trust and without trust, you will lose your customers or clients. Personal branding online is important to create new opportunities and utilize the opportunities efficiently. 

Why Personal Branding Matters

  • To Enhance your visibility – You Become More Visible Online
  • Gives one a competitive edge / Achieves Standout Results
  • To increase your authority & Leads To Opportunity
  • To grow your audience & Increase Your Audience’s Trust

Life with personal branding 

  • Understanding pluses and minuses to know your best self
  • Self-promotion 
  • Stand out from competitors and peers
  • More confidence
  • Credibility-building

A strong personal brand will surely enhance your life. 

Life without personal branding

    • No trust and loyalty from customers
    • Lack of self-confidence
    • Inability to understand your strengths and weaknesses
    • Getting lost in the crowd
    • Reduced chances of attaining success

Benefits of personal branding

A good branding strategy is beneficial in many ways

  • You and your business gain an identity.

When you express clearly what you have to offer, people will come to know about our expertise. This attracts more opportunities 

  • Your target audience will find you easily

Finding the share of intention is not easy on the internet. It is an uphill battle. Personal branding is the right tool to make your target audience find you. 

  • You are motivated

When your brand gains more trust and visibility you start getting return on your investments. You become more self-confident and this motivates you to do better. Self-assuredness is better than anything else. 

  • You will gain an edge over competitors

Personal branding strategy helps in expansion of your network. This gives rise to brand awareness. More visibility and more awareness help you to have an advantage over your competitors. 

  • You can control your career and earn more money 

If you are a professional, you will be able to take full control over your profession. You can negotiate salaries and dictate your terms to your clients. If you are a business entrepreneur you can fix a higher price. This will help you to earn more. 

A personal branding strategist will make sure you enjoy all benefits by creating your personal brand with the right branding strategy.

A step-by-step guide on how to build personal branding strategy

Here are the steps of creating your personal brand. 

  • Understand why you are building a personal brand 

If you want everyone to consider you as a go-to-source, what will it be? Find the answer to this question after analysing your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Decide your mission and your vision statement 

A well-structured and well-written mission statement will depict a clear picture on what you do. If you are not able to come up with one you can get the help of a branding creator. 

  • Share your brand story with the world

Share your story of who you are and what you stand for. The story should attract your audience and make them understand your vision and mission. 

  • Decide your niche and target audience

An entrepreneur or an individual who can find their area of passion have more chances of succeeding. So, decide your niche. Decide the target audience that includes your supporters and people who will influence others to come to you. 

  • Optimize your website

Optimize your website as website development is the main key. Infuse keywords as it is the main tool in Search Engine Optimization

  • Create your personal brand identity with a brand color and logo

The color and logo will help the customers and clients to identify you and your products. It is of great help when you are going for a new launch. Moreover, color and logo are important as a rebranding strategy. 

  • Have a content strategy 

Content is the king in the digital marketing world. and content marketing is important for SEO purposes. Devise a content strategy and stick to it. To create the best content strategy, get the help of experts like Harish Kulkarni

  • Start social media marketing 

Update your social media profiles as it not only important social media marketing but also for personal branding. Add interesting videos as it is video marketing era. 

  • Get branded email address 

A professional branded email address will help in giving a professional and committed image. It will create the best impression and help in email marketing too. 

  • Plan for visibility strategies

Increase your visibility through strategies like guest blogging and public speaking. They help to gain publicity and attract your target audience. Entering into partnerships and joint ventures will get you more opportunities. 

  • Build a community 

When you build an online community, people will become more involved and loyal to your product.

  • Measure your impact 

Measure your impact in personal branding through metrics like reach, engagement, page visits, subscribers, comments, reviews, etc. You can get the help of personal branding experts like Harish Kulkarni.

Golden Rules to build your personal branding

  • Stay focused 
  • Show your true self
  • Stay committed
  • Tell your story
  • Be consistent
  • Be positive 
  • Add insights 
  • Watch for signs of success
  • Do something different and unique
  • Never stop, keep going

I am Harish Kulkarni, committed to building your personal brand marketing strategy, highlighting your uniqueness, and making you create an impact. I assure you that everyone will come to know about your expert knowledge through my best personal branding strategies. I offer consultations in website optimization, digital marketing strategy for a brand, social media profile optimization, lead generation, telling your story to the world, creating impressive content, and many more. I leave no stone unmoved to help you grow your network, increase your visibility, and reach your goals. I work with entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, HRs, celebrities, trainers, corporates, executives, etc. 


Let your wisdom be discovered and shared. Let the world come to know about you. Why tomorrow? Contact me TODAY. 

FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Question on Personal Branding

What is your personal branding??

It refers to the procedure of creating an identity for an individual or a business. It improves your visibility and presence both online and offline.

How do I start my personal branding??

Discover your passion. Create and update your social networking profiles. Develop a plan for how you are going to use your personal brand. Tell your story to attract the audience.

How do you personally rebrand yourself??

When your initial plans for personal branding are not successful, don’t lose hope. Go for rebranding. Explain clearly and honestly why you are going for rebranding. Change the color and other aesthetics. Introduce the newly made changes. Post your new achievements and accomplishments.

Why is personal branding so important??

It is the best tool to gain your customer’s trust as it lets people know about you and your unique specialties. Customers would like to know about you before spending their money on your products or services.

What should I put in my brand identity??

You should include the name, logo, design, and products of your company. Add the details of your social media profiles and website link to help people know you better.